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For a long time, I have been searching for a lady in burka who agrees to talk with me for the project. I was being rejected over ad over. As it was forbidden for them to shoot in a public video or make their voice heard to strangers, also they weren't trusting any media and were thinking that they try to disgrace their image and also not feeling the urge for expressing theirselves to the others... For months, I was refused by the few women I could reach. But then I met with her.

She first agreed, because she simply thought it was a written interview. But she was open minded to negociate and then in the end accept to do the shooting with some adjustments. She had to cover one of her eye as well as her nose, which in her social life, she can show. Then she asked for her voice not to be heard and I agreed to dub her video.

I am now grateful because she was trusting and cooperating with me despite of her strict rules. It wasn't easy for her. Thus, hope she feels welcomed.


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