Why Me

So I shoot myself. Not because I have important nor precious stuff to say. Also I am not interested by myself, at all. But well, I shoot myself and here is why:

- Talking in front of a camera, being recorded and knowing that the record is going to stay and be watchable for years to come is hard, if you are not a very outgoing person. This is though, is the exact thing I am asking people to do. Thus, I kind of felt obliged that I have to do it myself too, to feel the same and be in the same train with all those generous people. Somehow.

- Sort of trying to comfort them by showing that I also do it to myself, and it doesn't hurt.

- To say them that there is no reason for getting anxious or excited, because indeed even if you try, you cannot talk as bad as I do, anyway.

- When I am communicating with strangers, to the people who don't know me... That video is also a way to introduce myself and saying "I am harmless and I also try to be courageous."

I intend to write more, but I won't. It kind of feels like I am stretching the truth. Lastly though, I want to add that despite the bad light adjustments and my oral communication disfunction, I am not going to delete or intend to re-shoot this video again. Although I cannot bear to watch it, I don't want to dismiss the naive sincerety it has.


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