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Ups and Downs

When I was starting the project, or even before, when thinking and planning about it, I have always knew that the hardest part is going to be finding people, most of the time convincing them, and again most of the time, try to get my motivation back after a refusal. But well... I have nevee thought this is goingg to be "that" difficult.

I am happy that I have shot with three women, edited the videos and made the subtitles ready. I am so very grateful for those generous women, who agreed to be a part of my project even before what it is going to be like. Now, I have the advantage of sending those videos to the people I want to talk with next, and it gives a better understanding of what it is going to be like. Most of the time, they like what they watch, and wish me luck for the rest. And well, that's it.

Nowadays, especially when I am being rejected over and over, I am feeling like a vacuum cleaner seller who is quite desperate. My motivation drops, i fell broken and it takes sometime for me to get up and keep going again. Though I am doing it, for the sake of my belief in this project. But I also sometimes think, how long it can keep me going?


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